IP / CCTV Camera systems

Security camera services have become indispensable for businesses these days. At Ample Electronics, we are CCTV installation specialists, offering you a wide range of security systems, including IP/ CCTV security cameras. As a CCTV installer, we have a proven track record of customizing security camera systems to suit your specific requirements.

We are pioneers in the design and installation of CCTV systems, providing enhanced flexibility and performance. CCTV cameras are increasingly being used at homes and businesses as tools to improve security infrastructure, which turn audio and images into transmittable data. Moreover, the ease of CCTV installation, with no need for pulling up ceilings or floor boards, has increased the demand for security cameras. Now you can get unprecedented access to your systems at office while sitting miles away, remotely monitor and access all the information from any part of the world, since high quality digital recording systems allow quick transmission of the captured images. CCTV systems are an asset these days that offer you a brilliant tool to control productivity, staff, false claims, besides preventing crime, theft, or other malicious activities on your premises.


Why Us

As an IP/CCTV installation company, we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to install the security camera systems. We offer a full range of services for digital CCTV systems and provide consultation, design, equipment purchase, installation, and training and support.


We offer you CCTV installation and consultation services while considering the reasons such as security threats, temperature condition, lighting condition, to ensure you choose the right CCTV solution based on your needs.

While designing an optimized solution, we keep in mind the operational requirements, technical options, and cost of ownership. The designed system should meet the required technical and legal standards.

Equipment Purchase
You will have the option to choose equipment as per your requirements. Moreover, our consultants are always ready to offer suggestion to help you choose the best equipment.


We are professional CCTV installers and take care of the entire installation process. Once you have chosen the best IP/ CCTV solution, you need not worry about anything else.


As CCTV installers, we understand the importance of training for operators so that the installed system can operate as desired. We provide initial as well as ongoing training for managers and operators.



Every our customer can rest assured that prompt and dependable support is just a phone call away. Our warrant is 1 year for equipments & labor.




At Ample Electronics, we are a leading IP CCTV installation company, with a strong base of loyal customers. We can help you keep your business safe and secure with our CCTV installation solutions.



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