Benefits of a CCTV System

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems are surveillance or security camera systems that are deployed in public areas, crowded places or in environments, installations, buildings and properties for which security is deemed important. CCTV cameras have redefined security management dynamics, terrorism prevention measures, law enforcement activities and general protection of businesses and homes.

Deter Crime
Closed-circuit television systems help to deter against all kinds of crime, from employee crime to criminals attempting to burglarize a business after hours. When cameras are apparent, criminals see a difficult target and move on to an easier one. CCTV can help avoid not only theft, but also vandalism.
Law enforcement also uses CCTV to prevent crime. From traffic lights to the recording systems that are standard on most police vehicles, law enforcement is able not only to document traffic accidents or violations but also to deter incidents because people know they are likely to be recorded.

Safer Work Environments
Many business owners are not on-site at their location every minute of the work day. CCTV allows these business owners to provide a safer work environment for their employees. CCTV also can provide instant alerts if there is a problem at the business.
Often, employees must deal with hostile customers or conflicts between coworkers. CCTV allows business owners to monitor and deal with situations as they arise. These systems also allow employees to feel more secure while at work.

Maintain Records and Evidence
Newer CCTV systems have not only video capabilities, but audio as well. This allows these systems to be more efficient than ever at providing a record of how events occur. In lawsuits or the investigation of a crime, eyewitnesses can forget details or remember certain items out of the order in which they actually happened. However with CCTV, the investigating officers or the judge and jury can see the actual sequence of events as they occurred

Lowered Costs
Companies that are spending less money on large security staffs are able to pass those savings along to their customers. Certain CCTV systems may also allow employers to do away with expensive timekeeping procedures, again allowing employers to save money on overhead costs. Companies may also be able to integrate inventory management with their closed-circuit television systems, which enables them to pay for one system, rather than two.



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